Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Another new tooth bringing the total to 4!

Yes, Noah J's other top front tooth popped through today! He was really good and not fussy at all though, so that made me happy. We didn't do much today other than going to the grocery store and making a visit to Grandma and Grandpa's house for an impromptu dinner tonight. As you can see Noah really enjoys going through Grandma's kitchen cabinets and was thrilled to find the stack of lunch sacks that he could pull out. Don't worry, he didn't drink too many household cleaners.

AND the most exciting news is that Noah took his first steps! It actually happened on Sunday and I keep forgetting to write about it. OK, it was only 2 steps - but they were fantastic!! He was walking along holding my hand in the kitchen and then I stood in front of him but didn't put my hands out and he took two whole steps - and these weren't the kind of steps like he's falling- they were just normal steps! And tonight he took a step at Grandma's house while playing with the cabinets! I guess its going to be slow going!


Merritt Family said...

I'm so exicted that Noah took his first steps! When can we have Adeline and Noah race? The loser will have to see the Easter bunny again. :-)

themarlatts said...

Now that's not a fair race!! You know she has longer legs!