Wednesday, April 05, 2006

And we're back!!!

The camera has been missing! It is Noah's favorite object in the whole world, and we are constantly having to hide it. Well, this time we forgot where we put it! And it was right here on the armoire in our bedroom and just didn't see it. BUT the good news is y'all didn't miss too much! I have had a terrible headache for 3 days, so I wasn't really camera happy anyways. The exciting thing that happened today is that Noah clapped all by himself for the first time! I was talking on the phone and I was just watching him and realized he was clapping, so of course I had to scream. Which only excited him more so he had to scream and then I screamed and then he screamed - well, you can just imagine how the next 10 minutes went. And you KNOW that he wouldn't clap once I got the camera out. So these are the before and after clapping pics!

We are also really impressed with how much he has been understanding lately. Like today we were sitting in the glider just hanging out and he was playing with his passy and I said, "give momma the passy" and he looked at me and then put it in my mouth! He' s our little genius! And he even attempted to walk today, but he would just move the one foot forward and then fall back onto his bum. Baby steps, baby steps!

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