Saturday, April 08, 2006

The Maroon and White Game

After our fun outside looking for eggs we were supposed to go back home and work on the patio cover. But it was just so beautiful out that we ran home, packed a bag, and headed to BCS to go to the Spring Game. When we got there it was frigid!! It was so cold we were shivering - and you could hear people everywhere saying stuff like "I can't believe you told me to wear shorts..." or "I told you we should have bought a blanket!" And we felt the same way! So we ran into the MSC and bought Noah J a sweatshirt in size 2T so he can wear it next year! It is so cute - they have a whole collection of stuff with little cartoon Reveille puppies. So we get into the stadium after having lugged the boy all over campus cause it said we couldn't bring a stroller into the stadium and found seats on the first deck right on the border of the Zone. And then we got SOOOO hot - we were sweating and wishing for the wind that you could feel outside of the stadium. We were so proud of Noah - he just sat and played, walked up and down the bleachers trying to pick up the number stickers on the seat, and ate toast squares I brought him. He LOVED the band - he didn't seem to notice the football game going on, but he stared the entire time the band played. He also seemed to like Reveille barking and the people around us doing yells. He was so tired cause he didn't sleep on the way up there that we left after halftime and then the most magical moment of my life happened.....

Can you believe he fell asleep on my chest? Some of you probably can, but my little boy is NOT a cuddler. Like even when he's exhausted he does not want to be held - he wants to be in his crib. And this is partly cause we trained him to fall asleep on his own in the bed, but beyond that he is just NOT into sitting still for more than a second. It was so great I made Josh take a picture of it!

OH yeah - the real kicker is that there were about 10,000 strollers in the stadium and we lugged the potato sack around the whole time! So much for those rules!

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