Monday, April 17, 2006

Playing in the sprinkler....well, kind of

This afternoon Josh and I took Noah out to the backyard to set up the sprinkler cause the grass was looking shriveled up. Noah crawled off and we caught him next to the faucet getting sopping wet from the spray that shoots out cause its not attached correctly. He didn't even seem to notice! It was SO hot that I wanted to put him in his pool this afternoon, but I had Joseph here and Josh was at work - hopefully when Josh is off Friday we can fill it up and give it a shot. He hasn't been enjoying the bath lately, though, so I'm not sure how much he'll like it. I think he gets upset cause we still have him in a bath seat. But when he's in the tub without it he walks around the whole time and slips. Thoughts...... suggestions???

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The Howard Family Blog said...

Tell the boy he's gotta sit! He'll learn. When C gets up I just tell her to sit down please and she gets it. He is ready for the big boy tub. He will like it much better.