Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Whirly Bird is back!!!!

Noah James's beloved Whirly Bird has made a return. I took Josh's car somewhere this weekend and I found Whirly Bird in the backseat!! I can't believe we somehow forgot about him - for months!! This was Noah's first favorite toy - he used to play with it for hours. Look at how happy he was to get it again!

We had a rather boring day, but a fun evening at Grandma and Grandpa's. Noah J playe chase with Zeus and just had a ball. He also climbed ontop of a little table/toy thing and onto Grandma's chair to get his blanket. When he got there he stood up and waved the blanket in the air and was so proud of himself. It makes me nervous to think about what he will climb onto next. Noah has really been walking a lot the last two days - and all on his own without us encouraging him. He could walk all day, but he just gets excited/impatient and tries to run, which of course he can't do. But anyday now I know he will get going and never stop.

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