Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Just like his momma

So, we discovered yesterday that Noah J loves mayo. You remember that mayo packet he's been carrying around for weeks? Well, yesterday while I was cooking dinner I noticed him in the living room with something white all over his mouth. And there he was with that mayo packet busted open sucking the mayo out of it - and let me tell you how he screamed when I took it away from him!! I was so grossed out - there's not much worse than the idea of somebody sucking mayo out of a packet (and this from a girl who actually likes mayo!). And of course he had smeared it all over the glass of the TV cabinet - lovely. I guess that's what we get for letting him play with a condiment packet. Now we know not to give him anymore fance ketchup packs from Whataburger.

This is a pic from Noah's first official big boy bath! Its completely scary, and I really hate giving him a bath by myself this way. Noah is also unsure - he's so used to being able to just lean back and lounge in his chair. Every single time he even slightly moves he kind of freaks cause he thiks he's gonna fall over. But he does seem to like it better - at least there is no more crying when he first gets in. I still haven't figured out how to wash his hair by myself without that darn chair. Ideas?? Advice??


The Howard Family Blog said...

I asked my friend who has a bot like Noah and she said that everytime he stood up and wouldn't sit down when she asked...bath time was over. She always washed him first and really quick so if she needed to end bath she could. She said Luke learned really fast because he didn't want bath time to be over so he stayed seated. I just pour water over her head she didn't like it at first but doesn't mind so much now.

themarlatts said...

I try covering his face with a washcloth but it still gets everywhere and he FLIPS out!!! And we immediately have get out, so I save it for last. He actually has been really good about not getting up cause he started to and he slipped so now he's afraid. Its a good plan, though for the future!

Granny said...

When his Dad was his age he hated a bath. I had to hurry and pour the rinse water from a plastic bowl. I would put my finger on his chin and push his head back and pour as quickly as I could and then grabbed the towel as fast as I could. He always cried but only for awhile. After that we was clean and so soft that I could not resist the urge to cuddle with him. We had some of our best memories after his bath.