Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A little Advent fun!

Am I the only one who struggles with filling up those little boxes each day of December?!  Please tell me I'm not.  To tell ya the truth I don't even know if we did it last year at all (with all the sickness going on).  So when Wyatt begged me to do it this year of course I said yes.  But that yes brought dread to me cause it is a lot of work!  So I really attempted to find some activities that were cheap and easy this year.  We did lots of movie nights (with special treats like floats), looked at lights, and ton of other things.  But their favorite thing just might have been a "snowball" fight with Star Wars guys!  I'm not sure what blog I read it on but it was a great easy activity for us (although a bit messy).  They were so surprised!

Has there ever been a time when I allowed them to empty a bottle of anything?!  I think that was their favorite part - just holding the button down till it was empty!

And all those star wars guys are the cleanest they have ever been! 

Did I mention it was messy?  ;)

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