Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve!

We were beyond thrilled that we were able to have Christmas with our family this year!  All those horrible memories of being so sick last year were haunting us making us nervous that it would happen again.  But I am happy to announce that we have been able to avoid sickness this entire winter!  Yay!  First I have to share a thousand photos of the kids all dressed up.  They were so adorable!  You'll notice at the end Annie is in every photo because she INSISTED on it.  Insisted.  :)  And who could say no to all those curls?!

You can see that ALL posing for Annie must end in twirling.  Lots of twirling!  After a  billion pictures we made our way to my parents for mom's delicious dinner, which never disappoints.  And then of course gifts!!  Lots of gifts. 

The kids were thrilled with everything they got. They had fun playing with the cousins and opening up everything they possibly could.  It was so incredibly nice for Josh to have the night off!  Our first time since we've had kids that he was able to be home on Christmas Eve and not have to rush away to work.  The nicest Christmas Eve we've had in many years!

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