Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Cookies!

Can you even believe I got my act together and decorated cookies this year with the kids?!  I feel like a total slacker of a momma cause I'm pretty sure its been at least two years since we did it last.  This year I saved it for Christmas Eve day and it was great fun and helped to keep our minds off the many hours we had to wait till we went to my parents house.  And even though its against my nature I let them decorate however they wanted!

And I was thrilled with the results.  They came out adorable, although many times you have to dump half an inch of sprinkles off the cookie just to be able to eat it! I had to photograph all of them cause I didn't want to forget how adorable they are.  Seriously my favorite thing we did all of December!

Annie has been desperate to make angel cookies so she was super excited about finally getting to decorate one.  She made a snow flake belt for the angel.  :)  I could hardly stop laughing about it!

All of us had tons of fun!  The boys were done decorating after 15 minutes but Annie sat for over an hour.  She was gonna ice cookies till every last one of them was done!  And she really had a specific vision for each one.  Of course the boys were pumped to eat them, but Annie refused!  She insisted that every single one of them was for Santa and she wouldn't even have a bite.  We eventually convinced her!  She was so adorable convincing me not to eat them I got my phone to make a video but she wasn't quite as verbal once the camera came out.  I did get her to sing a bit for me, though!

*****I'm having a hard time getting the video to load!  I'll work on it more tomorrow!****

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