Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Festival of Lights!

We were so happy we got to go to the Festival of Lights at Moody Gardens again this year.  Last year we were able to go with our friends, but this year illness kept us all from going together.  We were so close to not going - even told the kids we weren't - but changed our minds at the last minute.  Annie had puked the day before so we were nervous but she did great and we didn't have to worry about making our friends sick since we were alone. 

The kids adore the aquarium there.  Annie was so small last year I'm pretty sure she didn't remember most of it but was so, so happy to see all the animals.  She insisted that Josh take her photo with the picture of Nemo!

And she was super pumped about all the penguins!  She was extra thrilled because there were 2 penguins who were chasing each other and diving all through the water.  She loved that they were playing!

Of course the boys loved the sharks!  And of course they love pretending to see a shark in the shark cage!

The aquarium was just the appetizer, though, and we got to go enjoy the beautiful lights!  The weather was nice and mild this year, so none of us froze in all that wind that is always present along the coast.  Wasn't the moon on the water just gorgeous?

This year we made things a bit cheaper by packing all our own snacks and just picking up a drink.  The kids were also thrilled cause they had already visited with Oma the weekend before and she gave them each some money for Christmas.  That meant they could buy themselves something from the gift shop.  Oh, happy day!!  :)  We took a break by the poinsettia tree to eat our snacks and play with their new toys. 

Of course the boys had a favorite part and once again it was the ice slide.  Well, not exactly the same - a new and improved ice slide!  It was definitely taller and faster, which the boys loved!  It looked like so much fun even Josh got in on the action.

Oh, and I have to share this pics on the sleigh!  They were so cute all snuggled up together posing for us. As we were walking away it was taking forever and we realized they were pretending to be Santa giving "the first gift of Christmas" from The Polar Express. You can see Annie was super tickled with it.

We also enjoyed watching the show around the firepit.  There was  different guy this year but the kids still thought he was great.  As a matter of fact he juggled some knives and Noah could hardly believe it.  I was so stressed when the guys started juggling fire sticks while riding a unicycle and Noah was cracking me up telling me, "What are you so worried about??!?  Mom.  Mom.  The man was juggling a machete.  A machete!!!"  LOL

We had a great time!  Can't wait for next year!

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