Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Gingerbread house party!

Well, maybe not exactly a party.  More like a get together.  There is a difference!  We always build a gingerbread house and decided to invite our friends over this year to join in the fun.  Looking back I realize I should have put some more planning/research into the event.  We had quite a few problems with houses staying together, the wrong kinds of frosting, etc.  But it has just left me better prepared for next year!

All the girls made theirs in the living room with some pre-assembled  graham cracker houses I made.  The poor boys had to work hard with those store bought kits that evidently need to rest for quite some time once assembled.  Oops!!

Oh, and of course there were babies!!  It is crazy but three of my best friends all have had little girls within weeks of each other.  So lots of baby love to go around!

I think we all enjoyed just hanging out together the most!  The kids had fun running around, jumping, and eating pizza and TONS of candy.  Good times with good friends!!

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