Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas jammies (sort of)!

I adore the Christmas jammies tradition!  We didn't do anything like that in my family growing up but I knew for sure it was a tradition I would start with my own family.  Its super fun cause they get to come home from my parents on Christmas Eve and have one more present to open before bed.  Last year I sewed their jammies but this year I just ran out of time.  I searched everywhere (everywhere!!!) for some Christmas themed jammies that weren't too hot and were available in their sizes.  There were NONE.  And this was Thanksgiving that I looked on.  Thanksgiving, folks!!  I was a little outraged.  Well, until I found this little gems.  Not my style, but definitely the boys style!!  A buck, ya'll!!  Nothing says Christmas like a buck on your jammies!

The kids left Santa some milk and cookies and then we went out into the yard to sprinkle some reindeer food to make sure they would stop by our house!

And then off to bed!!  It was nearly 11:00 by this point and we knew they would be up early the next day.  I really enjoyed Josh being home to help me put out all the gifts.  It was fun to have somebody to get everything ready with!

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