Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas morning!

Josh was actually home with us for Christmas morning this year!!  The kids usually have to wait around till Josh arrives to start opening up stuff but this year we were all just able to roll out of bed!  What a blessing!!  Christmas like its supposed to be!  Each kid got 2 gifts from Santa and a few from Josh and I. 

Santa got each boy a nerf gun, and the boys gave Josh a nerf gun. Can you tell they love it?  Wyatt also received a slot car set from Santa, Noah got some army gear, and Annie got a dollhouse.  They were all so, so happy!

Lots more gifts, stocking stuffers, and fun!

The big gift for this year was a basketball goal!  They were so surprised!

We had cinnamon rolls with fresh squeezed OJ (courtesy of HEB!) and spent the whole day in our jammies playing.

Annie got out her playmobile gift from my parents and played with that little unicorn for over an hour!  I have no idea why she was so in love with it.  We went outside and she ran around in circles with it pretending it was galloping.  She is such a girl!!

And I just had to share this pic of Josh.  Jammie pants, tennis shoes, hoodie.  Enough said!!!  :)

Such a great Christmas!  I know so many people look down upon those that give more than two or three gifts to each of their kids, but I'm not ashamed to say I love it!  Yes, I love buying my kids Christmas gifts.  I have no problem with it.  We  never, never buy the kids toys throughout the year.  Never.  It is so fun to pick out their favorite things and wrap them all up.  I love it!   Looking forward to next year already since Josh should be home again!  Yay!

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