Sunday, December 08, 2013

Gingerbread day!

It's pretty well documented on the blog that Noah J loves him some gingerbread... as a matter of fact its possibly his favorite cookie ever!  You can read our past gingerbread exploits here, here, and here.  See!?  I wasn't lying.  Since he was a wee babe.  I pretty much gave up on using them to decorate with as well.  Especially now that we have three little monkey doodles begging me for a "ginger man" all day long. 

It was fun to let Annie Rose really have a go at rolling out dough this year.  I don't think she really loved the taste of them, but continued to ask for them simply to be like her brothers. 

They were gone in under 2 weeks!  I'm sure there is a better recipe out there but I use the one from my Southern Living cookbook and it makes a ton!  That's the main reason I keep using that same recipe.  Here we are a few days before Christmas and Noah has been begging I make a second batch!  Next year maybe I'll make two batches the first time around!

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